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Cake decorating can be an enjoyable pastime or a profitable business. Whether you simply want to learn the art of cake decorating because you love being creative in the kitchen, or you are looking to establish a part time or full time business from your cake decorating activities, there is no limit as to how much fun you will have in the process of learning the art of cake decorating.  Believe it or not, learning the art of cake decorating is a simple process, one that is not burdensome or time consuming in anyway!

Cake decorating is an art—one that begins with a completely baked cake that has cooled down after being baked.  If you begin cake decorating before the cake has completely cooled off you are in  for a rude surprise—your frosting will melt and you will have nothing but a big sloppy mess on your hands.  Thus, waiting for the cake to completely cool is imperative.  Bear in mind that just because the surface of the cake has cooled down after it has been removed from the oven, it doesn’t mean that it is appropriate to begin cake decorating.  Rather, you must wait for the cake to cool on the inside as well. 

After you have given a few hours for the cake to properly cool, you can begin your cake decorating efforts.  Your cake decorating can consist of simplistic designs, complex designs, or a mixture of the two.  In fact, you should view your cake as a blank canvas when you begin cake decorating—your options are truly limitless and you can be as creative as you want to be. 

Now, to being the process of cake decorating, you will need to apply the icing or frosting to the surface of the cake.  There are several options available to you.  You can apply white frosting or you can use colored frosting, or a combination of both.  Colored frosting is usually white frosting that has been colored with food coloring, while chocolate frosting has had chocolate added.  The kind of frosting you choose will depend on the kind of cake you want—if you want a completely chocolate cake, they you will be applying chocolate frosting.  Of course, you have dark chocolate and regular chocolate to choose from and if you really want to be creative while cake decorating, you can add chocolate chips and fudge to the surface of the cake for a truly decadent delight!

As you begin to learn the various cake decorating techniques, you will be able to create flowers, leaves, beautiful edging, dusting, stenciling, pipe designs and more.  Practice makes perfect so the more cakes you make while learning the art of cake decorating the better off you’ll be.  Hey, your family will love all the yummy treats you are producing!  You can also take your practice cakes and deliver them to homeless shelters or the special complexes for the elderly.  They will truly enjoy all of your cake decorating endeavors, even if they don’t come out completely perfect!