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Cake Decorating Definitions

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So, you want to take up cake decorating?  Okay, then the next logical step is to familiarize yourself with the cake decorating process.  What is the best way to learn about cake decorating?  In order to understand cake decorating instructions, you will need to familiarize yourself with the popular Cake decorating definitions.  Once you learn the common Cake decorating definitions, you will be better able to understand any and all directions provided to you pertaining to the art of cake decorating.

Cake decorating definition 1:  Piping.  Piping is created with the use of coloured frosting, whip cream or any other kind of similar decorative substance.  Cake decorating professionals put whip cream into pastry bags and utilize special tips to apply piping to cakes.  The special tips that are used at the end of the pastry bag are referred to as a parchment cone.  Parchment cones come in different shapes and sizes so that the cake decorating professional can create unique designs on the surface area of the cake.  Typically, if you are neophyte to cake decorating, you will find that professional cake decorators advise you practice the type of piping you would like to create on a cake before you apply it to the actual paper.  You can practice the art of piping on aluminium foil or wax paper.

Cake decorating definition 2:  Many cakes, when decorated, have what is called a border.  When instructions pertaining to cake decorating refer to the word border, you will be applying designs all along the circumference or the length and width of the cake.  Again, typical border consists of what is termed as piping, but you will find some borders that are decorative leaves, flowers, and other unique cake decorating designs.

Cake decorating definition 3:  Pillars.  Pillars are used to create those fantastic wedding cakes you see in bridal magazines.  Pillars are placed between two layers of cake, a smaller cake being placed on top of another and another, to create a gorgeous tier affect.  With pillars, cake decorating professionals can combine unique light up water fountains with the pillars for a truly stunning cake decorating effect!

Cake decorating definition 4:  Cake topper.  A cake topper is another item frequently seen in bridal magazines.  Cake toppers are placed directly on top of a cake to give the cake a final, elegant touch.  What is truly fantastic about a cake topper is that an entire cake can be plainly frosted and with an added cake topper the cake decorating can be consider elegantly complete.  Cake toppers come in a variety of forms and shapes—the bride a groom being a popular selection, along with glass swans and crystal hearts just to name a few of may cake decorating toppers available.

Of course, the above mentioned definitions are only the most basic Cake decorating definitions, but once you become familiar with cake decorating lingo, there is no telling what you will be able to accomplish.  Further, once you have mastered the art of cake decorating, you can start making professionally looking birthday, anniversary, and wedding cakes.  Who knows, you might even make a few dollars on your cake decorating endeavour.