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Cake Decorating Tools

In the process of cake decorating, a cake decorating professional is constantly using cake decorating tools.  Cake decorating tools are designed to make the process of cake decorating far easier than they would be without such tools.  Further, cake decorating tools are relatively inexpensive and can make the entire experience of cake decorating a true delight!

Along with cookbooks, some of the common cake decorating tools that the cake decorating professional uses are professional icing smoothers, disposable pastry bags, revolving cake stands, food decorating pens, and decorating combs.  All such tools make cake decorating an easy task and cake decorating professionals use them to add the perfect touch to any cake they may design.  An icing smoother creates a smooth flat surface out of the applied frosting, while a cake decorating comb give the cake a ridged look.  Pastry bags are used with decorating tubes to create flowers, and food decorating pens are used to write messages on the surface of the cake.

Other cake decorating tools include parchment rounds, chocolate shavers, icing sculptors, and airbrush systems.  When it comes to cake decorating, parchment rounds make a nice display for the bottommost tier of any cake.  Likewise, chocolate shavers produce delicate slivers of chocolate that can be sprinkled all over the top of a cake’s surface during the process of cake decorating.  Icing sculptors allow the cake decorating professional to add unique formations to the surface of the cake, and an airbrush system allows the cake decorating professional to go absolutely made with their creativity—painting entire images on the surface of the cake!

Some cake decorating professionals like to purchase a tilting turntable so they can decorate their cakes with greater ease. The tilting turntable allows the decorator to turn the cake at an angle and work the decorations on the sides of the cake with greater proficiency.  Likewise, spinning turntables prove to be ideal tools during the cake decorating processes as well.

No professional cake decorator would be caught without a few cake pillars on hand.  Cake pillars allow cake decorating professionals to separate the tiers of a cake and create cakes with height and elegance.  Along with the pillars, fountains are used to offset the cake and such cakes are typically created for weddings and anniversaries.

Entire cake decorating sets can be purchased that include a variety of tools.  Yet, if you already own cake decorating tools, it may not be a wise investment to repurchase cake tools that you already have.  Regardless, they are good deals if you need new equipment and you can simply review what each cake decorating tool package contains before purchasing to ensure you are not purchasing cake decorating tools that you already have available to you.

Cake decorating tools can be purchased at a kitchen supply store.  Even better, cake decorating tools can be shopped for and purchased right online.  Clearly, it is easy to get your hands on any and all the cake decorating tools you’ll ever need to create and decorate stunningly gorgeous cakes!