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Cake Decorating with Writing

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If you are in the process of making a birthday or an anniversary cake, you may find yourself wanting to write “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” on the cake.  Not a problem, cake decorating with writing is a simple process.  Nevertheless, there are a number of ways you can go about the cake decorating with writing process—you can simply buy pre-tubes at the store and engage start cake decorating with writing or you can follow the old fashion techniques that the cake decorating professionals use.

Now, it is important to bear in mind that if you are not a person fond of intricacies, in other words, you just want to get the whole cake decorating with writing process over with quickly, then the cake decorating that professionals engage in is probably not for you.  You are probably better off simply buying the pre-made frosting tubes at the store and using them to apply the words to your cake.  Conversely, if you really want to feel that you have put every effort in to making a gorgeous cake, cake decorating with writing can be accomplished with the use of numerous cake decorating tools.

You will need to purchase or make parchment cones for your cake decorating endeavor.  You will also need to make or select the type of frosting you want to use to write on the cake when you are cake decorating.  You can select from a rainbow of colors, even black and white cake decorating frosting is available.  Conversely, if you prefer, you can make your own cake decorating frosting to begin writing on the cake.  Typically, the frosting used in the cake decorating with writing process is a bit thinner than the frosting you will spread all over the cake—this will make the frosting flow better through the parchment cones for easier cake writing.

You will need to angle your parchment cone correctly in order to be successful during the cake decorating with writing process—if you hold the parchment cone upright, you may get a flow of frosting that comes out of the parchment cone too quickly and it will make your cake decorating look blotchy and unprofessional.  You will also not want to apply to much pressure to the parchment cone—this is fatal error in cake decorating---as you could very well end up losing control of the frosting flow altogether and you will wind up with a mess on the surface of what could have been a beautiful cake.

The tricky part when cake decorating and writing on the surface of a cake comes in when you want to write words with a steady hand.  Frosting is a delicate thing and if your hands are shaking terribly, you will find that your cake decorating endeavors appear shaky as well.  Therefore, it is imperative to keep your hand as steady as possible while writing on the cake.  Likewise, a consistent flow of frosting must be used when cake decorating, so that the words scrawl effortlessly across the surface of the cake.  If you don’t maintain consistent frosting flow, the words will look broken and pieced together or blotchy—another fatal cake decorating error.