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Cake decorating toppers can provide the finishing touch to any cake. Nevertheless, the most popular place one will find cake decorating toppers in on top of wedding cakes.  It serves to follow that the most popular of all cake decorating toppers is the bride and groom topper commonly found on wedding cakes. Yet, the cake decorating toppers designers are just as creative as cake decorating professionals are and there a number of unique cake decorating toppers that can be purchased and used to finish off the perfect cake!

The bride and groom cake decorating toppers are incredible diverse in their design.  Brides and grooms cake decorating toppers can be purchased in a variety of ethnicities and the style of the clothing varies from one cake decorating topper to another cake decorating topper.  Likewise, such cake decorating toppers can be cute or sophisticated—adorable or elegant; all cake decorating toppers are created to appeal to a diverse audience of brides and groups.  Finally, themed bride and groom cake decorating toppers can be purchased that relate to religion, figurines, favorite fantasy figures and more.

Among the popular cake decorating toppers, one will find the glass swan cake decorating toppers.  Glass swan cake decorating toppers are usually blown glass shaped into to swans and the swans are often set upon a lacey base.  Along with the lacey base, the cake decorating topper will usually include flowers, and artificial baby’s breath to add delicate touches to the ensemble. Conversely, also among the popular cake decorating toppers are the glass blown heart cake decorating toppers.  Glass blown cake decorating toppers are very similar to their swan counterparts—possessing flowers, and lace for the perfect finishing touch.  Some even include ribbon.

Conversely, for those individuals looking for a touch of sophistication, the Arch and Dove cake decorating toppers are available for purchase.  Typically constructed out of resin, this cake decorating topper is sure to draw the attention of all the wedding guests.  A beautiful constructed arch with vines embracing its pillar construction and doves flying in from above—this, among many other cake decorating toppers will prove ideal for any wedding celebration.

Finally, among the less popular cake decorating toppers are the truly unique cake decorating toppers—toppers that appeal to specific individuals with very individual tastes.  In fact, there are cake decorating toppers that come with cow figurines, country western figurines, horseshoe designs, shamrock designs, and some cake decorating toppers come in pewter with dragons and other fantasy creatures!  Even unicorn cake decorating toppers can be purchased and place on top of a gorgeously designed wedding cake for a stunning mystical effect!

Of course, cake decorating toppers vary in both size and prize and some need to be custom ordered due to monogram requests.  Therefore, whatever the cake decorating toppers that are chosen, they should be chosen so that they can have time to be delivered.  Take a look at and wedding catalog or visit and cake decorating toppers Internet distributor to find the perfect cake decorating toppers for any wedding celebration!