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Decorating Wedding Cakes

Weddings create memories that last a lifetime and many brides and grooms perform rituals that involve wedding cakes.  The wedding cake industry is big business and if you are interested in wedding cake decorating, you will find that you can make serious money if you possess the right skills.  Yet, wedding cake decorators must be the best of the best—they are creating a cake that will be viewed and eaten by a wide audience and wedding cake photographs serve as memories for that special occasion.  Plus, you will need to know wedding cake decorating basics—like the typical elements one will find in a wedding cake.

First, when it comes to wedding cake decorating—you best know what cake pillars are.  Many brides and grooms love the tiered wedding cake, because it proves to be an elegant centre-piece.  With roman pillars, one tier can be place upon another and a towering effect is created.  Beneath the bottommost tier, typically one will find a fountain or other unique cake piece to offset the cake.  So, if you are getting into the business of wedding cake decorating you will need to familiarize yourself with how to utilize pillars and to create the affect most brides and grooms are looking for.

Next, when it comes to wedding cake decorating, if you don’t know how to make elegant flowers, bells, unique designs and more, you’re going to have significant trouble with your cake decorating business.  Many couples want the finest designs placed on their cake flawlessly and they expect the cake to look elegant.  With intricate details the cake will appear sophisticated and will create memories well worth having for the bride and groom.  So, again if you are getting into the business of wedding cake decorating—brush up on your design techniques.

Next, when it comes to wedding cake decorating, you may be required to advise the bride and groom all about wedding cake decorating.  You will be asked what kind of fillings and flavors you have available, what kind of icings you have readily available, what kind of decorating you recommend, and if you have wedding cake decorating toppers available.  For the most part, wedding cake decorating involves applying royal icing to the surface of the cake, and the flavor of the cake itself is always up to the couple.

There are many good books and courses that can familiarize you with the process of wedding cake decorating.  You can learn how to decorate a Victoria Cake, a square wedding cake, a Rose wedding cake and more.  You can also learn how to properly put together cake stands, how to utilize wedding cake decorating pillars mentioned early and what it really takes to be a professional at wedding cake decorating.  Conversely, there are many schools that offer courses in wedding cake decorating and standard cake decorating and if you want to go into business for yourself, looking into such courses is a wise idea—and a relatively affordable endeavor.