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Pre-Paid Cell Phone Advantages

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You have heard all the hype surrounding prepaid cell phones but now you want to know are there really any prepaid cell phone advantages?  If so, just exactly what are the prepaid cell phone advantages?  For those individuals looking to purchase a new cell phone, the question pertaining to prepaid cell phone advantages is an important one—should people signup for standard cell phone service or are the prepaid cell phone advantages something that makes prepaid cell phones a better investment?

Among the prepaid cell phone advantages one will find that there is no billing necessary.  No billing means exactly what it implies, you will not be hounded each month to pay up on your cell phone charges via paper mail billing or otherwise.  Individuals that invest in prepaid cell phones simply go to a local store to purchase cards that have specific amount of calling time.  Each card is priced according to the amount of time purchased and the user will be required to program in the card after purchase.  Alternatively, some prepaid cell phones can be activated online and time can also be purchased using the Internet—another of the prepaid cell phone advantages.

Individuals like the fact that they do not receive any monthly bill when they get a prepaid cell phone.  Whenever they need more time, they simply purchase another time card or they get more time from the online resources available.  No billing means that the user doesn’t have to worry about owing somebody money at the end of each month.  If you are an individual that doesn’t like the added stress that bills create—then you may find that you like this particular prepaid cell phone advantage.

For those individuals on a tight budget, the prepaid cell phone advantages are truly incredible.  It is very easy to lose track of spending when using a traditional cell phone package and cell phone and if you are apt to spend a lot of time using your cell phone you can accumulate time quickly. Further, if you are using a per-minute plan your cell phone bill can quickly skyrocket out of control.  When this happens, many individuals are shocked when they receive their monthly cell phone bill.  Conversely, among the prepaid cell phone advantages one will find that they have already established a limit on their cell phone time.  In other words, once the minutes are used up, they will have to purchase more minutes before they can use the phone—thus, the automatically control their spending.

The fact that spending is controlled with a prepaid phone card has a two-fold benefit: especially if the cell phone is for a teenager.  One of the nice prepaid cell phone advantages is that you can supply your teen with a cell phone without having to worry that they will run up a ridiculous cell phone bill with its use.  Among the prepaid cell phone advantages is the fact that even a teen will have a preset spending limit and they too will have to prepay before running up cell phone charges.

For all intents and purposes, the prepaid cell phone advantages are numerous.  From no billing to bill monitoring, prepaid cell phones are quite advantageous.  Ideal for adults and teens alike, prepaid cell phones help hundreds of people keep their cell phone spending under control each year.