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A desktop computer, although made affordable to the general public, is still a big investment.  Therefore, you will want to do everything to make sure that you can to properly care for your desktop computer. A desktop computer requires regular maintenance and you should also take precautionary measures to ensure that your desktop computer continues to function at top performance.  Below, you will find several tips on how to care for your desktop computer that will help you keep your desktop computer at peak performance!

Keep the inside of your desktop computer free of dust:  To properly care for your desktop computer, you access the inside of the desktop computer tower and clean out any dust has accumulated on the internal components.  Every desktop computer has different ways to access the internal components and you should read your computer manual to see how to get inside the desktop computer.  Once you are inside the desktop computer, you can use an electronic duster to clean off the components inside your desktop computer tower.  One final note, never use any liquid or any dusting rags inside a desktop computer to clean it.

Also, in order to properly care for your desktop computer, you will need to run a disc cleanup on a regular basis.  A disk clean up removes everything from your recycling bin, any temporary internet files that you might have stored on your computer, any cookies that are stored, as well as any old, compressed files on your desktop computer.  By cleaning up excess files that have been stored on your desktop computer on a regular basis, you will free up wasted space on your desktop computer and therefore help it run more efficiently.

After cleaning up any excess files stored on your desktop computer, you may want to make it a regular practice to run the defragmenter on your desktop computer.  To properly care for your desktop computer, running the defragmenter at least once a month is a good idea.  The disk defragmenter can be accessed through the accessories listing on your startup menu.  All you need to do is click on system tools and then click on the submenu for the disk defragmenter on your desktop computer’s operating system menu.  Bear in mind however, the defragmenter takes a while, so you will want to take this step when you have ample time to do so.
To remove any parasites that might be on your desktop computer, you will want to run an anti-spyware program often. Surfing the Internet can be dangerous—frequently you will get parasites on your computer without even knowing it.  Such parasites can hijack your Internet browser and even cause significant damage to your desktop computer system: causing it to run extremely slow or not at all.  Thus, to properly care for your desktop computer, you will want to run an anti-spyware program daily.

Along with an anti-spyware program, you will also want to run an excellent anti-virus program on your desktop computer.  To properly care for your desktop computer, it is essential that you scan any downloaded files for viruses before you open them.  Also, if you plan on installing any downloaded software onto your desktop computer, you will want to scan them for viruses.  Viruses can not only cause total chaos to occur on your desktop computer, some of them are lethal to your computer and you will wind up having your desktop rebuilt because a virus destroyed it.

In short, by properly caring for your desktop computer you can ensure that it will always function properly.  By keeping your desktop computer clean and free of debris, you can ensure that the internal components of your desktop computer last.  Finally, by running regular maintenance software on your desktop computer, you will make sure that your desktop is always at peak performance.