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  Shocking Memory Game - Simon shocks
  £17.95 from

If you're anything like us, you have the memory of a broken sieve. Names, dates, places go in one eye, ear, or other receptor, and disappear forever out of the other. Fear not, for we have a way to train your brain to remember minute details...

  Chicks Pink She Driver Set Girls DIY kit
  £8.95 from

A variety of screwdrivers, all finished in tasteful, lady-like pink. Ideal gift to get your lady friend into DIY, or even for a gay builder...More

  LaCie Carte Orange 8 GIG Small is cool
  £99.95 from
As small as a credit card (just 6mm thick, weighing 56g) and USB 2.0 bus-powered, the ultra-portable LaCie Carte Orange USB key is your easy ticket to storage access anywhere...More

  Plug N Heat MugI've been a mug
  £12.95 from
Cold coffee and tea have blighted mankind for generations. It's time to fight back with this super convenient mug that simply plugs into your car's cigarette socket...More

  4 LED Torch LighterPower of four
  £6.95 from
This wicked lighter has a powerful 4 LED torch on it's top, and when flipped open reveals a super high power jet flame lighter!! It's a brilliant gadget to impress your mates with...More

  Fifty Greatest Card Tricks - Card sharp
  £12.95 from

If you've ever wondered how people perform those incredible card tricks in the local as if it was the most natural thing in the world, wonder no more...

  Night Magic Boomerang What goes around…
  £9.95 from
Boomerangs are one of the finest of our Aboriginal cousin's wooden masterworks. Now they've been updated with this glowing trick night boomerang that's so much fun you'll never sleep again...More

  Piece Of Paradise - Ticket to paradise
  £27.95 from
Feeling stressed? Chill in the knowledge you own a patch of spatial nirvana. Ahhhhhh...More

  Office Sign - Never… - Excuses, excuses
  £6.95 from
Why take responsibility for your actions, when you can pass the buck in classic, caddish style. This fun office sign reads...More

  Ash Trap - Innovative ashtray
  £4.95 from
Dispense with costly carpet burns thanks to our nifty bottle top ashtray that's a must have for your next house party. Just pop it on the top of an empty beer bottle...More


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