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If you thought the Apple Ipod U2 Special Edition held a lot of songs, wait until you get your hands on the latest Apple Ipod generation-the Apple Ipod 60G. With the ability to store up to 15000 tunes and a whole lot more, the Apple Ipod 60G models are the most popular Apple Ipods to date. Imagine being able to store and carry 25,000 photos wherever you go-imagine being able to watch your favorite music videos on the go-all this and more can be done with the Apple Ipod 60G.

Looking to bring along a little entertainment when you travel? Then there is no better entertainment tool to bring along on a car, train, or plain trip than the Apple Ipod 60G. Imagine being able to watch television shows, music videos, and listen to whatever music your heart desires while you travel. The Apple Ipod 60G makes those long trips seem short and it is absolutely nothing to carry. The Apple Ipod 60G is lightweight and sleek, fitting into the pocket area of any small handbag. Not a music lover? Maybe you are a book fan. No problem-the Apple Ipod 60G can still serve you-how about listening to some of your favorite audio books on the plane ride?

Worried about running out of battery life will on the road with your Apple Ipod 60G? Not to worry-the battery that comes with the Apple Ipod 60G is good for 20 hours and Apple Ipod 60G accessories are sold that allow you to easily recharge the Ipod. Are you worried that there are not enough songs for you to listen to-don't be: iTunes allows you to download up to 2 million songs into your Apple Ipod 60G.

The color quality of the Apple Ipod 60G is truly fantastic and offers customers full color, quality images on a two inch, backlit LCD display. The features that the Apple Ipod 60G possesses makes it well worth the cost and the Apple Ipod 60G proves to be ideal for travelers and students alike. In fact, if looking to purchase a gift for the future college student there is not a better buy than the latest generation of Apple Ipod-the Apple Ipod 30G and the Apple Ipod 60G. Great for those individuals that need a hands-on organizational tool will find the Apple Ipod 60G particularly useful. A built in calendar and address book allows users that own the Apple Ipod 60G to set appointments and have all of their contact information right in the palm of their hands.

The Apple Ipod 60G can be purchased online or off. Using the Internet is recommended however, it gives the consumer a better opportunity to shop for deals pertaining to the Apple Ipod 60G and all of the Apple Ipod 60G accessories that are sold. Plus, if the consumer wants to purchase the Apple Ipod 60G as a gift, they can order the Apple Ipod 60G and have it shipped directly to the intended recipient-no matter what the occasion-no matter what time of year. Meanwhile, if the consumer is unsure of what Apple Ipod is best to buy for someone else, certain websites sell gift certificates that can be used to purchase the Apple Ipod 60G or any other Apple Ipod a customer may desire.