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The Apple Ipod Shuffle is a particularly popular MP3 player. With all that the Apple Ipod Shuffle has to offer, it is no surprise that Apple Ipod users are flocking to stores to get the Apple Ipod Shuffle. The Apple Ipod Shuffle's features are extraordinary and the affordability of the Apple Ipod Shuffle is unmatched by other Apple Ipods. One of the smallest, the Apple Ipod Shuffle is so easy to carry it is hardly noticeable.

The Apple Ipod Shuffle has a flash memory and also possesses 512 Megabytes of memory-giving the Apple Ipod user plenty of storage space for their favorite tunes. What is particularly nice about the Apple Ipod Shuffle is that it will provide the user with a variety of tunes-the same songs won't be heard in the same order every time the tiny Apple Ipod Shuffle is used. Instead, the order of the songs is constantly changed with each use of the Apple Ipod Shuffle, promising the user variety every time they use the Apple Ipod Shuffle.

The unique Autofill function is what gives the Apple Ipod Shuffle the ability to provide Apple Ipod consumers with such diversity. Visiting a website like iTunes, the user simply lets iTunes choose the music for them and the Autofill automatically loads up the Apple Ipod Shuffle with a variety of songs to listen too-songs played at random. No fuss-no searching-the Apple Ipod Shuffle gives the consumer the ultimate convenience of not having to even choose music.

Crystal sound quality is offered up by the Apple Ipod Shuffle-the no skipping music lasts for as long as the battery is charged and the battery that accompanies the Apple Ipod Shuffle is rechargeable. Essentially, like other Apple Ipods, the Apple Ipod Shuffle promises hours of uninterrupted music entertainment-entertainment worth listening too. Why listen to standard headphones when today's radio stations are loaded with advertisements. The Apple Ipod Shuffle gives you quality music without the hassles that other forms of music entertainment offer.

Docks can be purchased that make using the Autofill feature simple. All a consumer has to do is connect the Apple Ipod Shuffle dock to their desktop computer and then plug in the Apple Ipod Shuffle into the dock when they are ready to get their tunes. Nothing could be simpler-just get your tunes and go! The Apple Ipod Shuffle Dock easily plugs into the back of the computer tower as it has a USB plug.

Alternatively, if you want to listen to the Apple Ipod Shuffle while in the car, there are Apple Ipod Shuffle accessories that can make that possible. The Monster iCarplay accessory allows you to connect your Apple Ipod Shuffle to the tape deck in any vehicle and access tunes from your car stereo. Alternatively, there are Apple Ipod Shuffle accessories that allow users to connect the Apple Ipod Shuffle to a radio and to use certain radio frequencies to listen in to great music. Meanwhile, the Apple Ipod Shuffle can be used by more than one person at a time: special splitters are sold so that two people can listen in on the great tunes being played with one Apple Ipod Shuffle. Finally, the Apple Ipod Shuffle is easily rechargeable and small, portable battery rechargers all uses to recharge the Apple Ipod Shuffle while they are away from home.