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The Proper Resume Format

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Are you looking for information on how to properly format your resume? Your resume format needs to be perfect if you want to successfully impress potential employers. Despite the fact that formatting a resume properly may seem like a daunting task, creating a professional resume is easier than you might first believe. In fact, with a few formatting tips, you will soon find that your resume comes together faster than you might have first supposed.

There are several resume formats to choose from when designing your resume. Such resume formats include Chronological, Combinational, and Functional formats. Further, the type of resume format you will require will ultimately depend on the type of job it is that you are looking to obtain.

The Chronological Resume format is a resume format that lists you employment experience from your most recent employment and works backwards until you cover all of your employment for the past decade. Nevertheless, if you have had a lot of jobs in the last decade, you might have to eliminate some of your employers from the list; resumes are only supposed to be a page in length. Therefore, you will want to list your most recent employers and as many as you can fit on one page along with the standard resume information. Finally, the chronological resume format is the most popular resume format used by job seekers.

The Functional resume format focuses on an individuals acquired skills and not on previous employment. If you have little job experience, a functional resume format can highlight the skills you do possess, while downplaying your limited experience. Such a resume is ideal for individuals that are entering the workforce for the very first time, or those who have been out of the workforce for a while and are reentering the working world.

The Combinational Resume format melds the functional resume and the chronological resume together into one resume format. Limited information is provided about previous employers, but the resume also includes skills that you possess. Such a resume is ideal for individuals that what to let employers know that they have both experience and skill in the field that they are seeking work in.

Regardless of what resume format you decide on, all resumes require fundamental information. First of all, contact information is imperative—without it, an employer will not be able to get a hold of you! Second, you will be required to include your educational background. Finally, unless otherwise specified, your resume should be submitted with a professional cover letter attached to it.

When you format your resume, you will want to make sure that you avoid any and all mistakes. Check for misspellings and any missing information that is vital to the success of your resume. Finally, be sure to make your resume the very best it can possibly be by submitting it on finely designed, professional resume paper. Finally, make sure that your cover letter is printed on the same type of paper as your resume is because it will look extremely unprofessional if you submit a resume and cover letter that are two different colors!

To make your resume stand out from all of the resumes an employer may receive; why not consider using attractive bullets to highlight your skills or educational background? Do not, however, use extremely fancy, difficult to read fonts and try to refrain from italics. Employers like reading a resume that is easy to read and if an employer has to struggle to read your resume, they will quickly move on to the next resume submitted. Therefore, keep your resume writing simple, yet elegant. Moreover, attempt to sell yourself through the value of your skills and not the artistry of your resume design!