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Your Online Job Search

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Your online job search cannot be successfully accomplished if you take on the task with a haphazard approach. Rather, you need to plan, prepare, and act on a strategy in order to successfully complete your job search online. Finally, after you search for a job and successfully land the job you are looking for, you may want to keep your resume updated for future use.

Before you begin your online job search, you should give some serious thought to what kind of job it is that you would like to obtain. Ask yourself, “What skills do I have?” “What hours will I be expected to work if I do get a job in the field I am considering?” “Will I be able to work fulltime, or will I have to stick with part-time work so that I can work and go to school?” By addressing such questions before hand, you will be able to successfully determine what type of work will be suitable for you.

Once you have decided what type of work you are skilled for an interested in, it becomes time to call in the troops; in other words, it is time to put every resource you have available to you in use. You will need to advertise your skills and there are a number of ways that you can make yourself known to prospective employers.

First, you will need a resume, and not just a resume that is whipped up in a five minute time period. Rather, you will need a quality resume to represent you in the job search arena. Think of your resume as a warrior, out their battling all of the other resumes floating around in the kingdom of the working world—if you want your warrior to win the battle it will have to be a strong warrior—or a resume uniquely defined, wholly original, and concise! Finally, your resume will require and equally strong cover letter to accompany it on its journey through the battlefield of employment opportunities!

After you create your resume, you will want to begin your online job search. Search various job listings, want ads, online newspapers and corporate websites for resume submission guidelines. Once you have located and submitted your resume to a number of job openings, you might want to consider jotting down all of your contacts in a resume submission journal. Keeping a resume submission journal can help you keep track of where, when, and to whom you submitted your resume; therefore within a reasonable time period, you can contact the company to check on the status of your submission.

While conducting your online job search, you might want to consider setting up an online portfolio to exhibit some of your past successes or project involvements. Such a portfolio is especially excellent for graphic designers, fashion designers, advertisement designers and artists of all kinds. Further, a portfolio will give potential employers immediate access to samples of your prior work and might help you land that job you are trying so hard to land!

If you are conducting an online job search, you will want to create a personal email account so that you can communicate back and forth with potential employers. Such an account can also be used later, especially if you get a job that involves telecommuting, or if you want to receive regular updates pertaining to job openings as they become available. Further, some job listing sites will let you create an agent that will notify you of jobs that you qualify for via email. Thus, it is an excellent idea to have an email account readily available.