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Why not go for Short and clean cuts that are low on maintenance but high on style.  Using your chosen length of cutter attachment work up from the nape of the neck. Switch to a slightly longer length cutter if you desire  as you move upwards.  Trim the hair around the sides of the head using short upward strokes. Finally take longer length cutter and run it through the top of the hair.  For that ultimate definition and to create a ruffled look take a touch of gel or hair wax and work it through the top.  Remember to sort out stray neck hair  by using the clippers without an attachment.

Have you Graduated yet ?

Take the weight out of your hair by graduating the cut.  This creates  fantastic results that can be styled in many different ways especially when using hair products to add definition.  Remember to always use short strokes and work slowly, never rush.  For example start with a No5 clipper attachment  and work slowly from the nape of the neck.  Change to a No6  attachment as you slowly move in short strokes towards the top of the ear.  Comb crown hair upwards and cut straight across using sharp scissors.  Chop into the ends of the hair on top .  Now you can create definition and texture by adding some hair product like wax or mouse by working it in with your fingers.

Classic bit on the side...

Stay Trim and Tidy by keeping the length of your sideburns and neck hair under control by using  clippers without an attachment.