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If you are interested in purchasing a notebook computer then you need to be aware of the different types of notebook computers that are available for purchase.  Not only are their different brands of notebook computers to choose from but there are four primary types of notebook computers to choose from as well.  The four different types of notebook computers available on today’s computer market are desktop replacement notebook computers, mainstream notebook computers, standard-portable notebook computers and sub-notebook computers—from largest to smallest respectively.  Let’s take a look at the differences among the different types of notebook computers below.

Desktop replacement notebook computers possess the best processors out of all of the different types of notebook computers available.  Due to their larger size, desktop replacement notebook computers have more features; larger LCD screens, bigger hard drives with far more storages than the different types of notebook computers that exist, and finally, a better sound system than other types of notebook computers.  It’s name however, should give you a clue as to some of the disadvantages associated with owning a desktop replacement notebook—this is the largest of all the different types of notebooks on the market and makes it a notebook computer that is not easy to haul everywhere and anywhere.  Thus, if you are looking for extreme portability, the desktop replacement notebook computers may not be what you are looking for.

Mainstream notebook computers are the notebook computers that are next in line in terms of size.  A bit smaller than the above mentioned desktop replacement notebook computer, the mainstream notebook computer seems to be the ideal notebook computer for many portable computer users.  A comfortable size in terms of notebook computers weighing in around five pounds, this notebook computer has a longer lasting battery with an increase in terms of functionality over the standard portable notebook computers and the sub-notebook computers that are being sold today.

Standard portable notebook computers are another of the different types of notebook computers that computer users tend to enjoy using.  The smallest version of this type of notebook computer weighs roughly three pounds and therefore one will find it among the most easy to carry.  One must also remember however, that a decrease in the size of a  notebook computer often equates to a decrease in the number of features and capabilities that a notebook computer possesses.

Finally, the smallest among all of the different types of notebook computers is the sub-notebook computer.  This type of notebook computer weighs less that three pounds and is therefore the easiest of all notebook computers to carry around.  Yet, the portability of this notebook computer is also part of its problem—the sub-notebook computer is the hardest of all notebook computers to use because it is so small.  Moreover, its functionality is affected due to its size.  Finally, this particular notebook computer may be missing a lot of the hardware that the other types of notebook computers possess.

Ultimately, the notebook computer you choose from the four main types of notebook computers is up to you.  If you are looking for a fast processor with high functionality and portability is not one of your concerns, you may want to purchase one of the larger types of computers. Conversely, if you are more concerned about portability, then the smaller types of notebook computers will probably suit your needs.