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A Traditional Classroom or Distance Learning?

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Distance Learning can be administered through several channels, telephone courses, online courses, video conferencing, etc. These are all relatively new teaching techniques that cannot be taken lightly. There are so many people enrolling on a regular basis that distance learning courses are spreading very rapidly. Hundreds of colleges and other schools are offering them. The most popular choice in these types of education is online for many reasons. Online courses offer quicker degrees or certificates due to acceleration program and are extremely convenient. Students can access their classes from anywhere at any time.

While there are many reasons to choose distance learning, there are also reasons to consider a traditional classroom. A traditional classroom offers motivation to the students by giving set class times and a clear picture of the graduation at the end of the road. This is important to consider because it is very difficult to motivate yourself, as you have to do in distance learning. There are many distractions in a distance learning atmosphere that you don’t have in a traditional classroom, such as children, friends, co-workers, television, etc. If students are unable to break away from these distractions to complete homework assignments, they may be getting discouraged. Many of the students that drop out of distance learning courses later regret not breaking away from these distractions to complete their education goals and return to school.

A teacher is in the room in a traditional classroom which also helps motivate the students. It is much easier to get motivated with someone giving you recognition for good grades by handing a paper back to you with an A on it. If someone is in a distance learning class, there is no teacher in the room that you are in and there is no paper that you receive back with a pat on the back or any other immediate recognition. Distance education, online education in particular, offers a dean list, but you do not appear on it until you have completed an entire course. While this is a great way to be recognized, that first class is the hardest to complete. With the first class, you are learning how everything works. You are trying to get a schedule started. You are trying to keep your grades up. You are trying to make this work, but all too often, you discover in only a few long, grueling weeks that you may not be able to handle all of the requirements of a distance education program.

The major problem with students facing this agony is that they often decide to drop out. Once a student has dropped out of college due to discouragement, it is very hard to ever consider going back, through distance education or a traditional classroom. This reaction is very common and is because people hate failure. When you get discouraged and decide to take this drop out that is exactly how you feel. You failed to complete your educational goal. Now, you do not feel that is a priority because you cannot handle it.

If students drop out of distance education or traditional classroom courses for other reasons, such as lack of funds or unclear objective, then they have a greater chance of returning at a later time. Once you have solved the problem that caused you to leave school, it is very easy to get back into with high hopes for fulfillment. You can choose to go to either a distance education or a traditional classroom program and you have a greater chance of earning a certificate or a degree.

Now, I am not saying that you should drop out for any reason. One of the things that I have learned is that it does not matter when you decide to return to school as much as making sure that you do. If a degree or certificate is truly what you have your heart set on then you should make any necessary changes to your life to accommodate that with the except of losing a valuable part of your life. For example, you are not going to trade one of your kids for a college degree, but you may want to try working out both. Find a good time that you can get away from the kids and complete your assignment with a distance education program. See if your parents are interested in helping you complete your education goals by taking your children one night a week. There are endless ways to resolve problems. My only suggestion is that you do.

I hope that I can offer a little inspiration to anyone who feels that they cannot make it through an online education program or a traditional classroom program. I am a wife and mother of two young children. I currently offer care for two adults who are disabled. I am an online student with American Intercontinental University. I am a business owner. I am an independent contractor creating computer systems and writing articles and books. Somehow, I have managed to maintain and balance all of these jobs throughout the past year.

I have obtained by Associate’s degree and have begun my Bachelor’s program. I am telling you all of this to let you know that I did not give up. There were many night’s that I considered leaving college because of the stress of carrying all of these jobs. However, I see a clear picture of what I want and I have gone for it. Here is exactly what I did. I bought two document frames and hung them in my office. I put a white piece of paper in each. Every time I get discouraged I look at the frames. Now I have one of them full and I cannot wait to get the other one completed. The last piece of advice I can offer is that over time it has gotten easier. The courses haven’t, but I have fallen into a routine that helps me manage everything. I hope you can find yours and get your frames filled.