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Distance education has changed greatly since its introduction. It began as telecourses and videoconferencing, and has evolved into internet based education. That does not mean that telecourses and videoconferencing are obsolete, but online courses are chosen more frequently. Distance education offers a whole new world of possibilities in educational tools.

There are many reasons that distance education is convenient. There is rarely travel involved. It allows mass training to occur over several states or continents at one time with reasonable costs. Companies use distance education of some form almost daily. Online colleges or universities can offer classes to hundreds of students at the same time. The students can access these classes from anywhere and at anytime. With how inexpensive computers, phones, and video recorders are today, most people have access to at least one form of distance education from their home. That is convenient. People can sit at home in their favorite chair or on their couch and complete distance education programs.

Distance education is relatively easy to accomplish. With the number of opportunities there are for these types of courses, thousands of people enroll in distance education programs weekly. Have you ever typed “distance education” into a search engine? There are hundreds of results. Most of which will offer you at least one form of distance education.

Many companies offer more than one type of distance education and many mix them. So, you can enroll in a program with an online university. Your first assignment could be a telephone conference call between you, your professor, and other students in your class followed by an online homework assignment. Your second assignment could be an online paper followed by a video presentation, given to people you know regarding the essay. There are hundreds of ways that institutions choose to mix the different types of distance education tools.

There are also a lot of places to find reviews and information of different specific distance education programs. You can find articles on any of them through many different websites or magazines. You can go to internet forums and discuss individual education avenues that you are interested in. It is pretty easy to find information on any individual company through the better business bureau, previous customers, internet forums, and articles of any kind.

Make sure that the sources are reliable. One thing that is wonderful and somewhat a burden at the same time is that we have this freedom of speech law. Well, it is great because we can say whatever we want, whenever we want. The problem with it is that sometimes articles are inaccurate due to inexperience, paid advertising, etc. Companies will actually pay article writers to give that company or an affiliate company a great review. While this is acceptable in today’s business, it is not very trustworthy. I only say this because distance education has a cost. I prefer to have many information resources prior to spending my hard earned dollar on almost any company. I will spend a small amount at many companies without becoming a detective. However, when it comes to education, you could end up spending thousands of dollars. Don’t you want to know what kind of company you are spending that kind of money on?

One of the best ways to get rid of any type of bias when looking into companies is to find someone to speak to with nothing to gain or lose. With distance education this is not overly difficult because you can usually ask the school for one or two alumni’s contact information. Once you have that information, call and talk to them. See if they liked the way everything worked and find out if there was anything about the distance education program that they did not like.

Distance education is risky for very similar reasons that it is convenient. It is risky because the company that you are considering taking distance education programs through are typically not right around the corner. Therefore, you have to rely on someone else’s information to decide whether to pursue the program with that institution or look for others. For several reasons, including the fact that they are typically far away from the students, distance education programs have been built to put education programs at our finger tips everywhere, including home.