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Buying Orchids

Orchids make truly fantastic gifts and add a decorative and delightful touch to any home—no matter what the setting.  Ultimately, Orchids are equally good for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or for any special event that one may have in mind.  Want to tell that special someone you care for them?  Choose from a variety of Orchids that will brighten their surrounding for many weeks to come.  Yet, how do you know what Orchids to purchase?  Are there any tips for buying Orchids?  Indeed there are—let’s take a look at some of the tips for buying Orchids below.

Buying Orchids Tip 1:  No matter what species of Orchid you purchase, you need to make sure that the person you a purchasing the Orchid for will be able to easily provide for the Orchid.  In other words, the Orchid recipient should have no problem replicating the climate that the Orchid requires for maximum growth potential.  You may also want to consider purchasing food for the Orchid so that the Orchid recipient will be able to properly feed the plant while they are caring for it. Moreover, if you are purchasing the Orchid from a florist, you may want to request care instructions to accompany your Orchid gift.

Buying Orchids Tip  2:  When you purchase an Orchid that has already been potted, be sure to purchase an Orchid that has not fully bloomed just yet.  Why?  By purchasing an Orchid that has not begun to bloom, you are extending the amount of enjoyment that will be received by the Orchid.  Thus, when buying Orchids be sure that you purchase Orchids that have just developed its buds—you will appreciate watching the Orchid bloom.

Buying Orchids Tip 3:  If you have purchased Orchids for yourself or you are buying Orchids as a gift, you will want to make sure that the Orchids you buy a placed in a safe location.  In other words, make sure that your Orchids do not get placed directly near heat generating appliances that may cause the plant to start wilting and may also dry out the plant’s water source. Instead, keep the plants in a cool location and be sure to check their water level on a daily basis.  If the water is dry, add water accordingly.

Buying Orchids Tip 4:  If you are purchasing Orchids and you have pets, you may want to purchase Orchids that you can transplant outdoors.  Indoor pets, especially cats, are prone to eating plants and it would be a shame to see a cat eat your gorgeous Orchids, not to mention the fact that your pet could become ill from doing so.  Therefore, if you have pets, you may want to keep your Orchids for outdoor enjoyment purposes only.

Following the above buying Orchids tips will ensure that you or your Orchid recipient gets maximum enjoyment from your Orchid purchase.  By taking proper care of your Orchid purchase you will find that many species of Orchids can last several weeks or more.  Finally, because Orchids are so lovely, you will most certainly want to have them around as long as you can.