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Caring For Potted Orchids

Caring for potted Orchids is just a simple as caring for outdoor Orchids and fresh cut Orchids.  Nevertheless, understanding the tips associated with caring for potted Orchids can better prepare the recipient of potted Orchids in terms of providing care.  Further more, in learning about the proper techniques used for caring for potted Orchids, a recipient ensures that they will maximize the longevity of their potted gifts.  Let’s take a look at some of the common caring for potted Orchids tips below.

Caring for potted Orchids Tip 1:  Similar to the outdoor and fresh cut Orchid varieties, Orchids require a balance of light and shade.  What does it mean to provide potted Orchids with a balance of light and shade?  The equation is fairly simple—when caring for potted Orchids it is necessary that you make sure that the Orchids get fifty percent shade and fifty percent light throughout the day.  Finding a windowsill out of direct sunlight should do the trick and help you proper care for your potted Orchids.

Caring for potted Orchids Tip 2:  Just like their outdoor counterparts, potted Orchids require regular, daily watering.  Nevertheless, if the soil is still damp, refrain from watering the Orchid until the next day.  In doing so, you can ensure that you are caring for potted Orchids correctly and you are not over watering your plant.  Over watering can result in fungal infections—if this happens you will need to purchase a fungicide to fend off the infection.

Caring for potted Orchids Tip 3:  Another important tip when it comes to caring for potted Orchids is that you should always put your Orchid in a well ventilated area—one that is neither too warm and dry, nor cold and moist.  It may take a few tries for you to find the perfect Orchid cultivating atmosphere, so don’t be too disappointed if your first few potted Orchids don’t survive.

Caring for potted Orchids Tip 4:  Believe it or not: it is important to remember that even when you are caring for potted Orchids, Orchids are still subject to pests and bugs.  Pests can get indoors and go after your Orchid, putting holes in its leaves and essentially killing your Orchid.  In such instances you will be required to purchase insecticides.  Just be careful that while you are caring for potted Orchids that you don’t put your household pets in danger—insecticides are poisonous and can harm pets and children.

In the end, caring for potted Orchids is much like caring for the outdoor varieties of this splendid plant.  Nevertheless, there are a few minor differences and to be successful at caring for potted Orchids you really need to be aware of what it takes to give your Orchids everything they need.  Grab a book or two about Orchids before you purchase them and learn everything you can about the proper care for potted Orchids.  You and your plants will be glad you did.