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Freshcut Orchids

Fresh Cut Orchids can brighten anyone’s day.  To maximize the enjoyment derived from fresh cut Orchids, it is important that the recipient give their Orchids special and proper care. Therefore, in order to maximize the longevity of fresh cut Orchids, one should follow the various tips below.

Fresh cut Orchids Tip 1:  Fresh cut Orchids require specific and special care and such care typically depends on the species of Orchid that is purchased.  With over 25,000 different Orchid species available for purchase, it is best if you speak with a florist about the type of Orchid you are purchasing and what kind of care your fresh cut Orchids will require.  In doing so, you will ensure that you are caring for your particularly fresh cut Orchids accordingly.

Fresh cut Orchids Tip 2:  Certain species of fresh cut Orchids may bruise if they are handled in appropriately.  For example, certain subspecies of the Phalaenopsis Orchid should be handled with particularly special care—one should use wet hands or wear gloves that are wet when handling this fragile species of fresh cut Orchid.  In doing so, you will maximize the longevity of the bloom and the flower’s beauty.

Fresh cut Orchids Tip 3:  Fresh cut Orchids should be handled as little as possible.  It is important to cut the stems at an angle and to get them into a water mix immediately.  A water mix should include flower food that helps the plant survive far longer than water without such preservatives.  Also, when handling your fresh cut Orchids it is extremely important that you do not break off any of the flowers “limbs” or pollinia as it will subsequently cause your fresh cut Orchids to die.

Fresh cut Orchids Tip 4:  Next, when handling fresh cut Orchids it certainly helps to know this unique tip.  Sometimes during the shipping process of fresh cut Orchids the plants may get a little bit droopy.  Not to despair—all is not lost.  If you cut the stem of your fresh cut Orchids at an angle and place them in water that is 40 degrees Celsius, it can help you actually perk your fresh cut Orchids back up to their formerly beautiful state.

Fresh cut Orchids Tip 5:  Another great tip that will help you keep your fresh cut Orchids revitalized and looking their best can be found in the idea of water spraying your blooms.  Just a few squirts of fresh water can help your blooms look refreshed and gorgeous.  Just be careful not to overdo it on the water spraying—too much water will cause the petals and leaves to become heavy and wilt.

Fresh cut Orchids are fairly easy to care for and they make a lovely gift for that someone special in your life.  Further, by maximizing the longevity of your Orchids, you ensure the opportunity that you can enjoy your Orchids for many weeks to come.  Bring a smile to someone’s life and brighten someone’s day by ordering fresh cut Orchids today!