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Orchid Growing Tips

If you are a gardener, then you will truly love the pleasure an Orchid can provide.  Growing Orchids can be a truly rewarding experience, especially if you cultivate them from seed to bloom all by your lonesome.  Yet, in order to successfully grow this exotic bloom it is imperative that gardeners heed the Orchid growing tips of the experts.  Let’s review some of the Orchid growing tips below.

Orchid Growing Tip 1:  Orchids require a balance of light and shade.  If you plant your Orchids outdoors be sure that they are not in direct sunlight, but are located in an area where they can receive a balanced amount of light and shade throughout the day.  Placing your Orchids in direct sunlight may cause them to burn and the leaves will subsequently yellow and burn around the edges. Likewise providing to much shade for your Orchids may result in the plant’s failure to bloom.  Therefore, heed one of the most important Orchid growing tips and choose the location in which you plan to plant your Orchids wisely.

Orchid Growing Tip 2:  All Orchids must be fed on a regular basis.  Cultivated Orchids require regular feeding in order to grow to their maximum potential.  Fertilizer alone will not be enough for your Orchids and you should purchase a feed mix in order to properly care for your Orchids.  Conversely, overfeeding can result in the death of your Orchid blooms—much like poisoning, overfeeding will cause the plants to wilt and die.  Therefore, remember the second most important of all Orchid growing tips—follow the instructions on your feed packet carefully.

Orchid Growing Tip 3:  Orchids require regular watering.  Always be sure that you water your Orchids early in the morning and be equally sure not to over water your Orchids.  The soil should be relatively dry when you attempt to water your Orchids.  Further, Orchids should not be watered from the top of the bloom, but should be watered at the base of the plant—this will help you avoid rusting.  Rusting is the appearance of red patches on a plant because it has been watered from the top instead of from the base.  Furthermore, over watering is much like over feeding—it can result in root rot and can also result in the unplanned death of your Orchids.

Orchid Growing Tip 4:  It is imperative that you always monitor your outdoor Orchids for pest activity.  Note whether or not the Orchid leaves have holes, are changing colour or if the plant looks relatively unhealthy.  After assessing your care for the plant, visit the local garden supply store and purchase a pest control product for your Orchid.  Such products can help you rid yourself of unwanted pests like spider mites and the like.

Following the above essential Orchid growing tips will help you bring gorgeous Orchids to your garden with hardly any effort whatsoever.  No matter what species of Orchid you decide to grow, such Orchids will flourish and bloom with the proper care and love.  Finally, once you have successfully cultivated Orchids in your garden, you will be able to enjoy the fruit of all your labours.