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Orchid Shows

For every avid gardening enthusiast, Orchid shows provide a true sense of enjoyment.  Orchid shows are held all over the world and gardener’s show off their finest Orchid growing accomplishments.  Plus, it is at one of the many Orchid shows all over the world that gardeners both new and adept can learn about the some 25,000 species of Orchid and how to successfully cultivate their own.

Orchid shows are particularly popular in areas like the United States, Canada, and Europe.  Further, Orchid shows are attended by both professional and amateur Orchid growers who share their love for Orchids.  Moreover, Orchid shows are characterized by special events.  Such events include award banquets, Orchid nursery open houses, the gathering and meeting of Orchid Societies, contests and more.

By visiting one or more Orchid shows gardeners can learn about the various Orchid societies and become active members of such societies if they so choose.  Likewise, visiting Orchid show give gardeners a chance to check out the different species of Orchids and to learn how they are properly cultivated.  By speaking with members that are part of the show and listening to the guest speakers that are frequently provided at such events, a gardener can learn much about the Orchid growing process.

A number of societies will post information about the Orchid shows they are planning on their various websites.  Such information typically includes the dates of the Orchid shows, the times of the Orchid shows, a list of the events expected to be held at the Orchid shows, and some websites even offer directions to the Orchid shows they host.  Finally, a number of websites will archive stories pertaining to past Orchid shows.

Alternatively, for those individuals that can’t afford to travel, a number of websites will offer Orchid shows on the web—photographs of the latest Orchid shows are made readily available along with various Orchid descriptions.  Again, information about previously held Orchid shows is typically archived on different websites so the stay at home gardener doesn’t have to feel excluded.

Nevertheless, if Orchid growers decide to attend Orchid shows in person, in some instances, there are prices to be had.  Some Orchid shows and their hosts offer prizes like the Most Outstanding Orchid, the Best Orchid Display, and the Best Theme of Show, the Best Paphiopedilum Display, the Best Orchid Society Display, the best of Orchid Species Award and more.  In fact, many adept gardeners are fortunate enough to earn ribbons along with the prestige they earn from their successful Orchid growing activities.

Winners of Orchid shows are often announced on various websites.  There is typically first, second and third place prizes offered at Orchid shows and Orchid lovers from all over the world sign up to participate.  Further, if you attend Orchid shows and are lucky enough to be a winner, photos of your prize winning Orchids may be posted on the web for the entire world to enjoy and you can be truly happy with your Orchid growing success.