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Types of Orchids

There are literally thousands of different types of Orchids in existence.  Further, the different types of Orchids are broken down into species categories for easier identification.  Why is it necessary to break down the different types of Orchids into separate categories? For both the neophyte and adept gardener the answer is a simple one—in clarifying the identity of different types of Orchids one can easily determine the proper care for a particular species of Orchid.

The different types of Orchids are separated into several categories.  The most popular type of Orchids and their species include Cattelya Orchids, Cimbidyium Orchids, Dendrobium Orchids, Miltonia Orchids, Odontoglossom Orchids, Oncidium Orchids, Paphiopedilum Orchids, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Phragmipedium Orchids, and finally, Vanda Orchids.  Of the different types of Orchids, gardeners will find the most variety in the Dendrobium species—one of the types of Orchids possessing more than 1000 varieties.

The different types of Orchids live and flourish in a variety of climates.  For instance, Cattelya Orchids thrive in tropical conditions while Odontoglossom Orchids flourish in conditions that require less warmth.  Likewise the Phalaenopsis Orchid does quite well indoors while the Dendrobium Orchids can thrive almost anywhere they are cultivated—thus, the reasoning behind so many varieties of this particular type of Orchid.

Of the types of Orchids, many are native to tropical regions of the world as well as other exotic regions of the world.  For example, Cattelya Orchid can be found throughout the tropical regions of Brazil; the Cimbidyium is a native of China and Australia; Dendrobium Orchids are natives to certain areas of Asia; Miltonia Orchids can be found in areas of Peru and Brazil; Odontoglossom Orchids herald from South America; Oncidium Orchids herald from a diverse array of different tropical environments; Paphiopedilum is native to New Guinea and India; Phalaenopsis Orchids have their origins in the Philippines; and Phragmipedium and Vanda Orchids herald from Bolivia and Brazil respectively.

Clearly the different types of Orchids can be identified the world over and gardeners absolutely love cultivating them in their gardens and homes.  With each of the different species having a number of sub species, a gardener can not help but find diversity in the different types of Orchids that are readily available for cultivation.  Due to the fact that the different types of Orchids thrive is similar climatic conditions of their native habitat, all a gardener needs to do is replicate such an environment to see the plant bloom and reap the harvest from their well earned gardening efforts.

If a gardener is unsure as to whether one of more of the different types of Orchids will thrive well in a particular environment, speaking to a local florist may help.  Many florists are versed about how to properly cultivate and raise Orchids and all a gardener needs to do is ask.  A quick phone call to a reputable florist can answer any and all questions about the different types of Orchids and thereby put a gardener’s mind at ease this cultivating season.