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Planning for Road Trips

Book ImagePreparing for road trips can be an exciting time.  As you begin to think about the road trips you would like to take, your heart may beginning longing for the open road, the scenic views, the silent peace that only the natural world around you can offer.  Yet, you will need to snap back to reality and begin properly planning for road trips—you can’t just hop into your vehicle or on your bicycle and go—well you could, but you would certainly encounter a few difficulties along the way.

Planning for road trips is an act of deliberation—you need to think about what you will need and you will need to pack accordingly.  You will also need to map out your various destinations on any road trips you plan on taking.  Plus, you will want to know what ever areas you plan on visiting during any road trips you take—you will want to know where there are places to stay and where you can find accommodations.  You will also want to make a special note of all of the recreational activities you can engage in at the various destinations you reach—road trips are about relaxing and enjoying yourself and in knowing where everything is before hand you will significantly reduce any stress that you may feel about being in a new area.

Once you have selected the various destinations you plan on visiting, it is also important to get to really know the areas you plan on driving through and visiting.  You will want to know what kind of seasonal variations in climate occur—in fact, when planning for road trips you should always research the type of weather various areas experience.  Does it snow heavier or more often in one destination.  Are the days warm and comfortable but the nights cooler in any of the areas you plan on visiting?  Planning for road trips properly includes packing the right kind of attire for every occasion—but face it; you can’t bring your entire wardrobe along, it’s just not practical. 

While you are selecting the various destinations to be included in any road trips you are planning, mark out your planned route on a map.  Maps can be purchased online or at various gas stations and stores and every person planning for road trips should have at least one map of their planned trip.  In fact, you may want several maps—one map to mark out the route for your planned road trips and several maps that focus on the individual destinations you plan on visiting.

Purchasing a cell phone for any road trips you are planning is recommended.  Imagine being caught out on the highway far from home and your vehicle breaks down. You are miles from the nearest gas station and there are no homes in sight as you have planned a road trip that has brought you to a long stretch of highway.  Now what?  With a cell phone you may be able to call someone for help.  Further, it’s also advisable that you purchase a CB-radio, as cell phones may not work in certain areas where you have planned your road trip.