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Safety Practices on Road Trips

Book ImageThere is nothing worse than planning perfect road trips only to have them ruined by a disastrous incident that could have been just as easily avoided.  Therefore, safety practices during road trips is a serious consideration—one that every avid road traveler learns quickly.  When you pay attention to safety practices during road trips, you reduce the likelihood that your road trips will be ruined by silly mishaps and accidents.  Let’s take a look at some of the common safety practices during road trips below.

One of the biggest safety practices during road trips that all traveler practice is preplanning.  Knowing where hospitals are, knowing where police stations are located, and even knowing where the local fire departments are located can make a huge difference should something occur during one of your road trips.  Better yet, having a list of emergency contact numbers is always handy, especially if your road trips involve outdoor camping and the like.  You can bring along a cell phone or a two way radio and be able to contact emergency officials should something arise on your road trips.

Likewise, preplanning involves packing appropriately for your road trips.  Don’t bring along your hair drier, all of your cosmetics or personal supplies and forget to bring along your medication—especially if you require it for serious medical issues.  There’s nothing more dangerous than traveling without your medical supplies—so if you have meds—pack them first.  In packing you medications first you will ensure that you won’t be caught by surprise on your road trips without them. Safety practices during road trips, especially this one in particular, should be adhered to every time you plan your road trips.

Other safety practices during road trips include checking over your vehicle to make sure that it is in working order.  Remember, you may be traveling quite a distance when you go on road trips and you don’t want your car to break down during your road trips—not only is it not a good time, but all your planning will go to waste.  Other safety practices during road trips include ensuring there is a spare tire in the vehicle, that all seatbelts function properly, that all of the vehicles fluids are up to par and that all of the vehicle’s documentation is up to snuff.

Another of the safety practices during road trips is stashing your money and your credit cards separately.  For instance you can put your cash in your front pockets and your wallet in your back pocket or better yet, but both your cash and you wallet in two separate front pockets.  Why is this done?  Well, quite frankly you are not immune to being robbed on road trips—no one is.  So, by keeping your cash and credit cards separate, in the event that you are the victim of theft-you will not be completely broke while on your road trip.  Likewise, carrying your wallet and cash in your front pockets will keep pick pockets from walking up behind you and snatching your wallet—they are less likely to walk up in front of you.