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Types of Skiing

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When people think about skiing the often envision someone on a set of skis sailing down snowy slopes.  Far less often, people consider the different types of skiing that people engage in: in fact, there are people who engage in different types of skiing for sheer enjoyment and some individuals engage in different types of skiing for competitive purposes.  So, what different types of skiing are there?

Essentially, there are two primary types of skiing.  The two types of skiing are Nordic and Alpine.  Further, the two different types of skiing or commonly known by other names—Nordic skiing is commonly referred to as cross country skiing, and Alpine skiing is commonly understood as downhill skiing.  Both of the different types of skiing of fun and entertaining and a vast number of skiers partake in each of the different types of skiing every year.

Cross country skiing is particularly popular for a number of reasons.  First, of the two types of skiing, cross country skiing involves enjoying the scenic surroundings while one engages in skiing.  Those individuals that love this particular type of skiing lovingly refer to cross country skiing as bushwalking.  Ultimately, cross country skiing proves to be an adventure for its undertaker—of the two types of skiing, this type of skiing can be an all day adventure or it can even be turned into a wintry camping trip.

For those individuals interested in cross country skiing, it must be understood that this type of skiing takes a lot of stamina.  Skiers will spend their time walking on skis, gliding down large hills, and maneuvering themselves through some fairly difficult terrain.  Therefore, of the two types of skiing, Nordic skiing takes quite a bit of strength and skill.

Conversely, the second variety of the two types of skiing, the Alpine variety, is they type of skiing that people tend to image the most.  Downhill skiing involves riding a chair to the top of a popular skiing mountain and then skiing from the top of the mountainside back down to the bottom.  Although the terrain of a downhill ski event can be extremely challenging, it may not prove to be as challenging as its Nordic variety.  A skier will be able to ski on professional kept ski tracks, while the Nordic skier is subject to the natural terrain of the land.  Likewise, Alpine paths are usually set up to keep the skier from hurting themselves in particularly dangerous terrain, while the Nordic skier will face dangerous terrain with no guidance other than themselves.

What one must bear in mind however, when reviewing the different types of skiing is that both variants are dangerous to the unskilled individual—in fact, hitting the slopes with no training whatsoever is a foolish idea: indeed.  The risks of bodily injury when engaging in either of the two types of skiing are far greater when the person taking on the task of skiing is unskilled and untrained in the art of skiing.