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Getting Up on a Wakeboard

First things first, you need to determine which foot will be your lead foot before your ride a wakeboard. Until this has been done no further progress can be made.

To do this you will need participation from a bezzi mate or someone willing to help you progress in your new hobby !

Stand with your back to the person and ask them give you a slight push to see which foot naturally catches your fall.  This will normally be the foot that will be your lead foot while riding your board. If you ride with the left foot forward you ride 'regular' and if you ride with your right foot forward you ride 'goofy' !. Now you have determined your lead foot, you can strap your feet into the bindings.

Different instructors will guide those new to the sport in different ways. One way to get up on a wakeboard is by doing a deep water start.  It's best to do a dry run on land before attempting anything in the water.  This way you can learn how your body should look and feel naturally before introducing other distracting elements from the water such as current and extra bouyancy

Deep Water Start (Dry Run)

Firstly in a seated position with the board horizontally in front of you strap your feet into your bindings.  Bring your knees up towards your chest keeping them bent. Place your arms around your knees slightly bent and place both hands palms down on the handle in front of you.

As the boat begins to pull you through the water, keep your knees bent and concentrate on keeping your upper body behind the board. Riders often try to stand up too early and end up launching themselves over the front of the board .   By placing a little more weight on your 'back foot'  you will help swing the horizontal board into the natural boarding stance with your leading leg forward pointing towards the boat. 

When the wakeboard is pointing directly at the boat, your upper body should be twisted with your shoulders squared up with the boat, legs should be bent, back should be straight and the handle should be held low and close to your lead hip.

Experience Wakeboarders like to do dock starts - standing on the dock, strapped into the board, then jumping onto the water as the boat pulls. 


Learning how to edge properly on a wakeboard is the single most important foundational skill to learn as it is the base for progressing to any type of trick.  As in snowboarding the edge is very important.  If you catch it wrong ' WIPE OUT !'