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What is Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a relatively new boarding sport. It has been created from a combination of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing techniques. It was originally called skurfing or ski-boarding.  The founder of skurfing and ski-boarding was Tony Finn.  

Like water skiing, the rider is either towed behind a boat, or a cable tow at speeds around (16 - 23mph).  Beginners are towed at slower speeds than the more experienced rider. 

As your experience progresses you can experiment with the length of the towing rope .  The more experienced Wake boarders are towed at much faster speeds, around 25mph, but use longer ropes up to 80 ft long.

The rider rides a single board, known as a wakeboard. The wakeboard has non-releasing bindings for each foot,  allowing a sideways stance as on a snowboard or skateboard. The boards are typically 120 - 147cm long, according to the riders weight, and up to 45cm wide. The Wakeboards dimension are smaller than a snowboards and are convex unlike snowboards, which are concave.

Many freestyle sports like snowboarding, skating and surfing have a language of terms to describe various radical tricks like 'Tantrum', Riding Fackie, Backroll, . Tricks can be performed from either heelside or toeside cuts, for example a toeside 360 is approaching the wake toeside followed by a 360 spin in the air.

Wakeboarding is growing into a popular sport among individuals with a wide age range and different sporting backgrounds. It is a fairly easy sport to master the basics and allows individuals a good opportunity to develop their own style and promote self-expression.  There are many clubs all over the world that will always welcome and encourage new faces to the sport, so why not give it a try ! go and have some fun on the water !

Liquid Force and Hyperlite are two leading wakeboard manufacturers. Other manufacturers in the wakeboarding market include CWB, O'Brien, Krown, Newschnitzel and Gator Boards. Correct Craft, Malibu, MB Sports, Centurion, Gekko, Tige, Supra, Supreme, Calabria, Moomba.