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Bhatki Yoga is a form of Yoga that allows its practitioners to enter into a personal relationship with the divine.  With Bhatki Yoga, the personal ego is shed, and the interconnectedness with the cosmic universe is the goal that practitioners strive for.  Further, Bhatki Yoga is an exercise in which the central focus is based on loving all things, as all things are considered aspects of the divine in Bhatki Yogic practices.

What is important to remember about Bhatki Yoga is that it is a form of philosophy.  Bhatki Yoga does not base its principles on one religion alone, although this is indeed a common misconception.  Rather, Bhatki Yoga is a form of Yoga that can be used to enhance anyone’s life, if they so select to take part in Bhatki Yogic practices.

Bhatki Yoga is a highly disciplined form of Yoga in which the practitioner strives to pull away from the materialistic desires of the mundane world in an effort to achieve an intense relation with the divine.  Further, in this highly disciplined practice, many Bhatki Yoga practitioners strive to regulate their food intake, and to control their desire for material goods that do not serve a divine purpose. 

The practitioners of Bhatki Yoga pay mind to the fivefold sacrifices derived from Hindu scripture: the study of the Veda, a routine and daily reverence of the divine, a daily display of reverence of ancestors, and a kindness to both those in need and to all living things—especially to those individuals that are in need.  With such practices implemented, the Bhatki Yoga practitioner strives to better the world around them and in doing so, successfully expresses their eternal love for all of creation on a daily basis.

Bhatki Yoga is a form of exercise that does not necessarily place emphasis on physical exercise, but rather, Bhatki Yoga practitioners focus on exercising control of the mind.  Through various meditations that focus on a feeling of cosmic oneness, the Bhatki Yoga practitioner cultivates a feeling of indescribable love within their being—a love directed at the divine and returned to the cultivator, because a Bhatki Yoga practitioner fully understands that everything and the divine are interconnected in every way.

If you think that Bhatki Yoga is the kind of Yoga you would like to learn, there are a number of informational resources available to you to get you started on your path.  For instance, through a little research on the Internet, you can locate a Bhatki teacher that will be more than happy to guide you on your spiritual journey.  Or, if you prefer, you can read about the basic principles of Bhatki Yoga online at various websites that offer unlimited information pertaining to Yogic practices.  Also, it would be to your benefit to realize that as a Bhatki student, you will be required to learn the principles of the path through quite a bit of reading and studying.

Various books pertaining to the meditative principles of Bhatki Yoga can be purchased both in your local bookstore and the Internet.  Further, you will find that Bhatki Yoga is an extension of other forms of Yogic practices and that you may benefit from learning about other forms of Yoga as well.  Finally, by studying Bhatki Yoga and reading about its principles, you will be on your way to improving your life through an intensely spiritual pursuit.

In terms of required learning when considering the practice of Bhatki Yoga, it is important that an individual is prepared to learn all of the various principles and mantras that a practitioner of Bhatki Yoga employs.  Finally, potential practitioners of Bhatki Yoga must also remember that the principles of Bhatki Yoga require a significant amount of discipline to achieve.