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Looking for a new Yoga exercise to incorporate into your already existing Yoga exercise regimen?  There are plenty of different Yoga exercises you can add to your daily Yoga exercise routine.  Just remember, that as always, you must always be physically ready for such exercises.  Therefore, don’t overdo it in your effort to master any Yoga exercise and be sure to practice Yoga exercises in moderation.

The Janushirasana Yoga exercise will help you stretch the lower back and the back of your legs.  In this Yoga exercise you will be required to sit with one leg tuck in, as if you were sitting Indian style and the other leg outstretched.  Now, to complete the Yoga exercise, bring your head down to the knee of your extended knee and let your arm opposite of your extended leg touch the foot of your extended leg.  When you have finished your first stretch, switch legs and repeat the Yoga exercise to obtain the desired stretching of both leg muscles.

Another Yoga exercise you may enjoy the benefits of is the easy to perform Shavasana Yoga exercise.  In this particular Yoga exercise, not much stretching or flexibility is required.  The practitioner of this Yoga exercise is to lie down on the floor with legs and arms comfortably spread.  While lying flat on the floor, the practitioner is to envision all of the cares and worries melting away and dissolving into the ground or simply dissipating into thin air.  Finally, this Yoga exercise is excellent when one is in great need of relation and stress relief.

Alternatively, you may enjoy implementing the Shashaungasana Yoga exercise.  In this Yoga exercise you should kneel on all fours on the floor.  Gently place your top of your head on the floor and extend your hands back to your feet while you arch your back.  This Yoga exercise is wonderful for stretching the lower back and releasing tense muscles in the body.

Next is the Bharadrajasana Yoga exercise.  This exercise is wonderful for stretching all of the muscles in the back and increasing your physical flexibility.  In this Yoga exercise you are to curl one leg up and underneath you and then straddle the opposite leg over the curled leg.  Now, to continue the Bharadrajasana Yoga exercise, twist your body at the waist toward the straddled leg as far as you comfortably can.  While twisting, place your one arm, the arm opposite your curled leg, behind your back and bring the other arm around toward your straddled leg to complete the twisting motion in this Yoga exercise.

Alternatively, you may desire to master the Sarvangasana Yoga exercise.  The Sarvangasana Yoga exercise requires the practitioner to lie down in a prostrate position.  Further, to continue this Yoga exercise, you must place your arms onto the floor.  Now, take your hands and use them to support the base of your back as you raise your legs until they are pointed to the ceiling and you have pushed all of the weight of your body onto your shoulders.  Hold the position for a few moments: then slowly release yourself from the position to complete the Yoga exercise.

All of the above mentioned Yoga exercises are beneficial to your body and your mind. Why?  When the body is healthy, you then remove any obstructions that would prevent you from having a healthy mind.  Thus, any Yoga exercise is an attempt at improving the health of all of your being and not just your physical being.  With this in mind, it is again important to reiterate that Yoga exercises are done to improve the body and not to cause self injury; when practicing any Yoga exercise it is possible to become overeager to reap its benefits and therefore result in unnecessary injury.  Finally, as long as you are careful with your Yoga exercise regimen, you will remain on the road of permanent well-being.